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Kapri Hockaday

Kapri began her athletic career as a Division 1 Track & Field athlete at Troy University, AL. After hitting an Olympic standard, she trained to compete at the Olympic Trials and had goals to run for the USA. In 2012, after a knee injury that came from overtraining, overcompensating, and lack of range of motion, she looked into physical therapy. She made no progress with physical therapy and turned to Pilates for help. She had strong lungs and power from her athletic background as an elite hurdler, but lacked flexibility, balance, and functional strength. Pilates helped nurture her injury and showed her a different side to fitness. Within 3 months of private lessons, Kapri was back on the track.


After returning to the track, Kapri decided to dedicate herself to incorporating Joseph Pilates' Method combined with any form of physical fitness training that she went on to teach. Kapri's B.A is in Sports Science (Sports Psych), her M.A is in Kinesiology, & she has a nationally accredited personal training certification (NASM/AFAA). She’s Pilates Method Alliance certified & was classically trained at White House Pilates as a 3rd generation lineage Pilates Instructor by Caroline Londergan (under the influence of Lolita San Miguel) on all apparatus.


Kapri’s been teaching Pilates since 2012. Her dream was to teach Pilates in New York City. After a few fun years enjoying the big city, she decided to move home after getting a job teaching Pilates at Google. After Covid-19 hit, Google released Kapri, and she's now happily self-employed working on her current dream... building her own fitness business.