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What is HEAL?

At HEAL: Pilates, it's not just about looking good, it's about feeling good… Looking good is just a wonderful side effect. 

HEAL: Pilates is a full-service boutique Pilates studio in Albany, CA. We serve the surrounding areas of Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond and beyond. 

We teach private, group reformer, and mat classes in person and online. We specialize in rehabilitation and also love challenging our fitness focused clients to achieve their goals. 

Our instructors have years of experience working with different bodies and personalities. Whether you’re a weekend warrior wanting to up your game, a nine-to-fiver that needs to restore and refresh after a busy work day, or an empty nester looking to recover from an injury, you’ll find what you’re looking for at HEAL: Pilates.

What is Pilates?

  • Pilates is a healthy, low impact, functional way of moving your body. It helps build balanced strength, flexibility and joint mobility. It increases balance and coordination as well as lung capacity through its focus on proper breathing. 

  • Pilates is great for your posture. Good posture not only reduces pain, it also helps increase blood flow to the brain which gives you focus, improves memory and helps fight off the degenerative brain changes associated with aging. 

  • Pilates creates long, lean muscles which will  help you quickly reduce inches if that’s your goal. Muscle also burns more calories so your metabolism will naturally go up as you increase lean muscle mass. 

  • Pilates is great for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. It teaches you to move in the most efficient and balanced way. This reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your joints so you can enjoy your favorite activities pain free and not be sidelined by injuries.

  • Pilates gives you body awareness. When you have a deepened sense of how your body is moving, you’ll quickly identify habits that may be causing you pain and retrain yourself into better habits. This makes a HUGE difference in your long term health.

  • Pilates is wonderful for your nervous system. Combining deep breathing, with healthy, balanced movement will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and renewed.  Regular movement also helps you sleep better. 

  • Pilates is good for the immune system. The deep breathing involved in Pilates is great for your respiratory system. Pilates stimulates your lymphatic system which is responsible for removing toxins from your body. 

HEAL values quality of movement over quantity of repetitions. Our services are therapeutic, accessible, and tailored to the needs of the individual client. 


The key to our success is focusing on personal improvement, client trust, appreciation, and creating a community that is accepting and empowering.


We offer a variety of ways to work together. Working privately allows us to create a custom program for you. This is an important part of injury rehabilitation.

We provide small Group Reformer classes and online mat classes six days a week. With different levels, you can start where you’re comfortable and progress. We have restorative classes, mixed level classes and sculpt classes. We utilize props to help you stretch and release tight, achy muscles and provide additional balance challenges.

If you’re far away, we’re happy to connect with you online in a private lesson or group mat class. An individualized private can help you develop an appropriate home program. You can work with us from anywhere in the world!

Our sessions are fun and creative. We mix things up so you don’t get bored and sneak in some important lessons about your body. The more you know about how your body moves, the better it moves. 

At HEAL: Pilates, we strive to offer you the best Pilates experience. We provide excellent service to help you achieve your goals.

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