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Meet the Owner...

Ayanna Makalani, owner of HEAL: Pilates, spent her childhood competing as a gymnast and turned to modern dance in college. Introduced to Pilates during rehabilitation for knee surgery, she found it to be the most effective therapy for her. Pilates stabilized and strengthened her knee & guided her back into her body with patience and understanding. Ayanna's also used Pilates during pregnancy & to manage chronic back and neck pain. She is a certified instructor through BASI-Body Arts and Science International, and has been teaching Pilates since 2007.

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Synthia Malina

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In New York City, Synthia studied dance through her twenties, Pilates integral to her training. Studying anew, parallel to a career in fundraising and adventures in parenting, Pilates offered rich pathways through spondylolisthesis and a shoulder injury. Synthia uses Classical Pilates principals coupled with contemporary movement and thought in classes and private instruction.

Olivia Eng

During a hiatus after and through 4 major surgeries to address a congenital spine condition, Olivia studied Pilates intensively as a means to heal, rebuild, and reconnect from the inside out. Throughout her surgical journey from 2012-2017, she continued to learn a multitude of healing modalities which she now combines in her work to help others. Olivia holds a comprehensive certification through STOTT Pilates and has been teaching since 2013. She has experience and compassion for working with all age ranges, levels, and especially those with injuries. She specializes in rehabilitation especially with the spine and Psoas.


Olivia graduated from the University of California, Irvine, studying Afro-Modern dance with Donald McKayle, and focusing on Dance Performance and Sociology. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer, teacher, and choreographer.

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Nadya Lateef


Nadya is a Berkeley native who began practicing Ballet at the age of four. She's explored a variety of dance and movement styles: from Yoga, to Krav Maga, Tai Chi, and Pilates, ultimately leading her to study dance at Cal State University Long Beach.

While Pilates was always a part of the repertoire, it was not until the birth of her first child in 2018, that movement and care of the body was no longer just a passion, but a career choice. Nadya found that Pilates eased her body out of the residual pain of childbirth & re-strengthened her whole body and core. Nadya holds a Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification through Balanced Body at EHS in San Francisco.

Rebecca Redman


Rebecca’s love of movement was shaped as a child in the world of competitive dance. Rebecca quit dance as a young adult. After developing persistent pain in their low back and arthritis in their knees, a doctor prescribed a future of pain management. They rejected that and found Pilates.

Rebecca received a comprehensive Pilates certification from Body Harmonics.  They are currently working toward a doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Samuel Merritt University to someday work as a pelvic floor therapist.  They are a certified personal trainer specializing in pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise and pain neuroscience education. They have also studied the work of the Postural Restoration Institute and the Buteyko Breathing Method.


Bryanna Cross


Bryanna has taught dance for over 10 years and has her 200 hour Yoga certification, Pilates Sports Center certification, and Franklin Method Level 2 certification.


Bryanna began seeking out solutions to the problems she and her students faced due to the physical demands of classical ballet. Pilates was the start of Bryanna’s passion for wellness. The St. Francis Dance Medicine Department in SF used Pilates along side PT to help her recover from tendonitis, ankle sprains, muscle pulls, and stress fractures. Pilates and the Franklin Method have been wonderful tools for Bryanna’s scoliosis and sacral iliac (SI joint) pain.


Bryanna studied classical ballet at the New Jersey Ballet School and the highly esteemed San Francisco Ballet School. Her professional credits include the Artesan Dance Company, Eglevsky Ballet, Baltimore Ballet and Neglia Ballet.

Juna Fleer

Apprentice Pilates Instructor

Juna is a Bay Area native and grew up playing basketball and running track through her time at school in Albany. Being coached to push for a peak performance instead of nurturing her growing body took a toll, causing injuries & chronic pain. She became interested in other forms of fitness to help manage her back pain.

While studying for her degree in Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz, she pivoted from team sports to taking yoga and swimming classes to try and remain active without injury. To start her journey in the healing arts, she began taking massage and acupressure classes in UCSC’s Holistic Health Program and continued her massage training at MacKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland. Eventually, she found Pilates as the missing piece to both her recovery and career.


Samira Yeganegi


Samira is an administrative manager for HEAL. With past experience in small business management and human resources, she hopes to help the studio run smoothly and thrive.

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