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Bryanna Cross

Bryanna Cross has taught dance for over 10 years and additionally has her 200 hour Yoga certification, Pilates Sports Center certification, and Franklin Method Level 2 certification. These trainings and resources provided Bryanna with tools that create lasting and positive change in her own body and those of her clients. 


Bryanna began seeking out solutions to the problems she and her students faced due to the physical demands of classical ballet. The Franklin Method focuses on how the mind can positively change the body. When combined with movement practices such as Pilates, the incredible effect on the body creates an all encompassing experience. 


Pilates was the start of Bryanna’s passion for wellness. The St. Francis Dance Medicine Department in SF used Pilates along side PT to help her recover from tendonitis, ankle sprains, muscle pulls, and stress fractures. It didn’t take long for Bryanna to understand what a gift Pilates was in her life. Pilates and the Franklin Method have also been wonderful tools for Bryanna’s scoliosis and sacral iliac (SI joint) pain. Consequently, she is passionate about sharing all she has learned with others. 


Her professional credits as a ballet dancer include the Artesan Dance Company, Eglevsky Ballet, Baltimore Ballet and Neglia Ballet. Bryanna began her dance journey at 9 years old. She studied classical ballet at the New Jersey Ballet School and the highly esteemed San Francisco Ballet School.

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