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Rebecca Redman


Rebecca’s love of movement was shaped as a child in the world of competitive dance, but it was their criticism of that atmosphere that brought them to Pilates. Rebecca quit dance as a young adult and took a long break from energetic movement altogether. As a young adult, they developed persistent pain in their low back and arthritis in their knees, for which a doctor prescribed a future of pain management. They rejected that and found Pilates. This modality of movement helped realign imbalances after so many years with a distorted perception of their own body. They realized that exercise isn't about vanity; it’s about getting stronger and learning how to use our muscles more efficiently to move with less effort and less pain. They received a comprehensive Pilates certification from Body Harmonics, a program that prioritizes moving in ways that feel good. Rebecca creates a positive and welcoming place, tailored to match the skill levels of individual clients so they feel empowered and successful.


Devoted to ongoing education in the field, Rebecca is currently working toward a doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Samuel Merritt University to someday work as a pelvic floor therapist. As a complement to Pilates, they are a certified personal trainer specialized in pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise and pain neuroscience education. They have also studied the work of the Postural Restoration Institute and the Buteyko Breathing Method.


They teach with a non-competitive and body neutral perspective and take care to use gender and body inclusive language. Their teaching is informed by a history of chronic pain and they offer an adaptable method with variations for both ease and challenge. 


Outside of teaching and graduate school, Rebecca makes use of a BA from UC Santa Barbara in studio art, plays drums and guitar in a few local bands, and spoils a sweet puppy.

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